Jacket – Majestic Athletic / T-Shirt – H&M / Jeans – Nudie / Belt – Nudie / Boots – Marc O’Polo

Hello everybody! Today I wanted to show you this red bomber jacket from Majestic Athletic. I got a couple of bomber jackets lately – you will probably see me wearing all different kinds soon, just love them! Not long ago I only used to wear my leather jacket, that I love – but is a bit too cold for most occasions in winter. I put this red shiny jacket together with white, grey and brown toned down pieces to make it “shine” even better!

It’s one day before Christmas and everyone of you is probably with his/ her beloved ones – or is at least on the way to them. Jacks is with her family in Mallorca as you might have noticed, and so am I: I came to my mom’s place, which is located just by the Germany Baltic sea already a couple of days ago. My two siblings are also approaching, which I am looking forward to especially! (Never see them anymore.) Here I am now feeding the sheep, firing the oven of our low energy house every morning and helping out the neighbours with constructing some things here and there – just stuff that you never do throughout the year in “real life” (nor in “virtual life”). It is a nice change from time to time that helps me relax and to reboot creativity for upcoming projects!

I wish you all a happy holiday and merry Christmas! Cheers

Photos by Mikuta.


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