mikuta-with-a-wool-sweater-9mikuta-with-a-wool-sweater-2mikuta-with-a-wool-sweater-7mikuta-with-a-wool-sweater-6mikuta-with-a-wool-sweater-5mikuta-with-a-wool-sweater-10Sweater – Aran Sweater Market / Skirt – Monki / Shoes – Circus by Sam Edelman / Ring – 27 Jewelry

Hello! Today for the first time I really realised how cold it is getting, I’ve been cuddling in this cozy sweater all day so thought making this post today would be perfect! This turtleneck sweater is a traditional Aran knitwear from the Aran Islands, Ireland. It is such a great history behind it, you can read it all on their website. I love that it is so authentic and so much love behind it. This sweater is fisherman’s style with features of the Aran honeycomb design, isn’t it beautiful?

If you sign up here you get 10% off their new collection which includes classic fisherman’s sweaters, grandfathers cardigans, sweater dresses and much more! :)

Apart from sweaters and coziness, I still haven’t told you something that I am very very excited about, in October me, my mum and my sister are going to New York! It is my mum’s birthday so thought of doing something special, and what is better than a super girl time in the big apple?? Wahh I can’t wait! Soon soon!

I wish you a cozy rest of the day! <3


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