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Hello loves! The other day Klemens and I took the bus up to the north of Germany by the Baltic sea to shoot but also chill in his mum’s big house on the country side. We’ve had the greatest time here in the nature, the air is so fresh and all the different birds are singing all day long. We had nice breakfast/brunch outside, picked berries, biked around the village, had ice cream, watched football in the garden and went to the beach as you can see on the photos.

We brought some sticks, fabric, cozy pillows and duvets and built up a little tent, how amazing! I always wanted to build something like this and it turned out exactly how I imagined. There we spent the evening shooting, cuddling and watching the sunset! <3  Would love to stay here longer but tomorrow we are off again!

Have a wonderful Tuesday loves! xx Mikuta


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