Hello loves! I hope you’ve had a great and sunny weekend! Seems like the heat has finally arrived and is staying this time! Here comes a big photobomb with photos from Klemens and my latest trip to Rhodes, Greece. As usual we can’t go anywhere without taking thousands of photos so it just has to be a big blogpost, but we put some photos beside each other so it easier to see :)

We went to Rhodes together with Thomas Cook to check out their new boutique hotel called Casa Cook, and wow it was amazing! The whole place and decoration was totally my taste and I wanted to bring so many things back home, specially their hammocks and pillows, well, everything actually! We were there for five days but it felt like two weeks because we did so many things. Apart from hanging at the hotel, having amazing breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails, hanging by our private pool or swinging in the hammocks, we also went on a sailing trip, visited the old town for a historical tour, went on a speedboat, visited hidden places, went to a bakery where we could also bake, went to a soap maker and learnt how to make soap and ate the biggest lunch I have ever seen, it was insane! I’m not sure how many dishes we got but I think it was around 20? All greek food and so so yummy! Oh, we also visited Lindos, we took a car early in the morning, had a coffee and walked around in the white little town until 10am when all the tourists came, then it was time to leave!

So yeah, this was a really nice trip and we had so much fun. We met so many nice people because Thomas Cook had invited other bloggers, journalists and photographers from all over Europe, so we were all hanging out together most of the time! :)

I already miss being there, but in only some days Klemens and I are going to Prague for new adventures! Can’t wait! <3

Have a wonderful Sunday evening! xx Mikuta


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