In October my mum, my sister and I went to New York to celebrate my mums birthday and it was one of the best weeks in my life! We had 100% girl time for 8 days non-stop, it was so amazing to hang out with them alone without any work or stress. They both live in Spain so we don’t get so much time together except on holidays but then there is always so much going on. These 8 days were full of love and so much fun! We stayed in Williamsburg in a little Airb’n’b place, we shared a little room with a bunk bed, so cozy, our three suitcases full with clothes were almost bigger than the room but that didn’t matter, we jumped up and down getting ready to spend our days in the big city!

During the days we walked around absolutely everywhere, I took millions of photos (as you can see), we had cozy lunches, went to see all the places we always wanted to see, tried famous hamburgers, ate the most expensive soft ice ever, sat on Carries doorstep, got lost deep down in Brooklyn (because I wanted to take a photo but didn’t find the location, we did in the end though, thank god), ate sushi in Dumbo watching the skyscrapers, walked in central park, had some meetings, met up with friends, got stuck on the Top of the Rock with all other tourists, visited fancy bars, ate lots of waffles and of course celebrated my mums birthday! <3 Anyways, it was just such a great time, I miss our little trip so much but there will be more! Love those girls! <3

Next post with more photos will come soon :)

Kisses xx


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