mikuta-onepiece-1mikuta-onepiece-5mikuta-onepiece-2mikuta-onepiece-7mikuta-onepiece-4mikuta-onepiece-3mikuta-onepiece-8mikuta-onepiece-9mikuta-onepiece-11mikuta-onepiece-12mikuta-onepiece-14mikuta-onepiece-13Onepiece, pants and cardigan – Onepiece

Today’s post is a little more comfortable and sporty than usual, but there are times when you just want to be comfortable but still cool. I think Onepiece has a great selection of pieces that accomplish just that. The first look is a different Onepiece than I’ve seen before, this one is without a hoodie and with different pockets and zippers on it, love it, also the texture and the feel of the fabric! The second look is all black and white with various prints. I wore the sweatpants with some more chunky boots to make it look more dressed up and not so sporty, I hope you like it as much as I do!

In collaboration with OnePiece via Cirqle.

Photos by Klemens White.


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