Hello! I hope you’re having a great Wednesday! Here’s another post from our travels, this time we go back to Venice and I will start with the hotel where we were staying! It was the first time for us in Venice and we wanted to stay somewhere quite central and easy to get around so we found Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal which is, as the name says, just on the Grand Canal. Very close to the main bus-station which is a plus!

This hotel is a very classic one with beautiful interior, as you can see on the photos theres a lot of gold, pink and pastel colours which made the stay so typical “Venice” with the traditional and classic touch, very romantic I have to say, it was exactly how I had imagined Venice from the beginning.

In the mornings we woke up with golden walls around us, went downstairs to have breakfast, read the newspaper on a wooden stick, like the old times, later we went out to discover new places thanks to the friendly staff and in the evenings we came back to enjoy a drink on their beautiful roof terrace where they serve drinks, food and on special days they have live bands playing.

Unfortunately we only had three nights before we had to continue our travel and we both wish we could have stayed longer, but it was a beautiful time, like a fairytale and oh so romantic!

Next post will be a diary post from our days in the city! Have a wonderful rest of the day!

xx Mikuta



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