Hey hey! I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend! I just came back from Vietnam on Saturday and even though I am so sad to have left my sister there and I miss our family holiday so much, I am also very happy and excited to be back, it’s fall which means a new chapter and lots of exciting things are ahead… my birthday, christmas and new years! Also warm cozy knits, boots and jeans again! But more about this in later posts, today I wanted to show you photos and tell you a bit about our stay at Azulik Hotel & Spa while we were in Mexico.

When we arrived to Tulum we first stayed in this amazing place, we had seen it quite often on photos already on Instagram and it looked so amazing and we just had to see it for ourselves, and yes, it was as beautiful as on the pictures but even better. As you can see it is very different and nothing you see in every hotel or spa, they are all tree houses situated just in front of the carribean sea and with the jungle just behind. There is also a little beach underneath with a beach bar full of coconuts and the water is clearer than clear.

We were staying in a SkyVilla which is the one you see on the photos, but they also have other type of houses and a big Honeymoon suite which we saw from the outside, a perfect place for a romantic honeymoon! Although the SkyVillas are in my opinion perfect enough for a honeymoon as well, there is a bathtub, swing, a swinging bed for cozy reading, two sunbeds and a table and chairs on the terrace. Inside there is another bathtub, a huge round bed and a big sofa. There is another terrace on the other side of the villa where you can enjoy the sunset. Couldn’t be more romantic!

Azulik is an adult only place where you go to relax, spend time with your partner and just enjoy being on holiday and being together. There is no electricity, only a little plug where you can charge your phone (thank god), which means there are no lights except all the candles that they light up in your room every evening. I was amazed the first night I came back to the room and saw all the candles <3 One reason why there is no electricity for the light, is because there are a lot of turtles in Tulum and they are putting their eggs on the beaches. When the baby turtles come out of their little eggs they find their way into the ocean by following the moonlight, so if the light were on in all the houses, the little turtles would get confused and might not find their way home. There is not much internet either, only in the reception (where it works really well), but that is ok, you wouldn’t spend this romantic holiday in a place like this surfing your phone anyways ;) There are also no showers in any of the villas, because they want people to relax and take a bath and forget about the busy lifestyle which was hard in the beginning since I’m so used to showers, but the second day I got used to it and totally loved it!

There is also a spa, yoga classes and a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a bar, but Azulik is perfectly placed quite close to other famous restaurant, bars and shops along the Tulum beach, so you can rent a bike or walk around which means there is always something to do in case you want more action some day, but I will write more about these places in our Tulum-guide :)

As a conclusion we really enjoyed staying there, it was a different experience and so relaxing, I will let the pictures speak for themselves because I think they explain the place much better than I do :)

Lots of love xx Mikuta + Klemens


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