Hey loves and happy 1st of August! Wow, time is passing fast, can’t believe it’s August already! Well well, summer is not over yet thought, long time left! :) The other day Klemens and I went to Botanicactus, a big cactus garden on Ses Salines, Mallorca. If you love cactuses, you will freak out in this place! It’s huge, the cactuses are beautiful and they are everywhere, every kind of cactus. We went in the afternoon and spent some hours looking around, learning a bit but mainly taking photos of course! It was amazing because we were the only ones there, so we had all the time and freedom to shoot whatever we wanted :) I wore a striped simple dress with fringes from Mango, slippers from Asos and of course a hat, impossible to be in that heat without a hat, and it also completes the outfit I think! Klemens went all simple as well with light denim shorts from Dr.Denim, white t-shirt and a hat as you can see :)

There’s not much more to say, but I think the cactuses speak for themselves! Now we just had a yummy long breakfast on the terrace with our friends and now we are off to the beach! Have a wonderful Monday!

Lots of love xx Mikuta and Klemens


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