Hello guys! I hope you had a great weekend! I just got back to Berlin yesterday and even though I’m sad being back it feels kind of great. Although when I arrived I was wondering why I went back so early…the city is completely empty because everyone is still with their families.. well well.. I was in Mallorca for 10 days so it’s ok, but could have stayed a little longer :P

Today I wanted to show you my new haircut! I was so bored with my hair before but didn’t know what to do (and was also a bit scared for a change), but in Mallorca my sister and mum convinced me to cut it so I went to the hairdresser and cut it off, told her to make it messy and rocky! What do you think? :) I’m very happy, we didn’t cut off much, just gave it some shape with layers and shorter fringe, but it’s always fun with a new look!

Have a wonderful Sunday loves! xx

Photos by Klemens White.


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