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Hello loves! Here is a little different post than usually. Normally our outfit posts are much more serious, more thought of and less free. This time we tried something different, we let go of all the thoughts and just had fun!

When we shoot on the street I usually get a bit shy when people pass by, I feel a bit cheesy standing there posing in front of the camera. When we shot these photos though I couldn’t have cared less of what people were thinking while I was dancing and jumping around! All my thoughts of how I looked and all my insecurities disappeared, I felt comfortable in my outfit and just perfect the way I was.

In collaboration with Esprit we did this to celebrate their recent campaign #ImPerfect which is all about just that: to be free, comfortable and love yourself the way you are. Do what you want, don’t care about what others think and just be! I love this campaign which stands out so much from others, it is both refreshing and healthy, something we need in this pressured fashion world where expectations go towards everything being perfect too often.

Let’s all just celebrate the fact that we are perfectly individualistic, everybody in his own unique way!

Have a wonderful day! xx


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