beauty products mikuta uses and recommends

I wrote a post about my favourite skincare products on my old blog, but I have gotten some new ones so thought I’d make another one here. Maybe you’ll discover a new favourite product yourself ;)

beauty products mikuta uses and recommends

Dove Go fresh body lotion 

It is so important to moisturise your body after a cold winter day or after a long day at the beach, the skin gets so dry after showering and needs to get moisturised to keep your healthy and beautiful skin in the future. I love this body lotion because of its amazing fragrance, but I don’t think it moisturises very well… will get the KIEHL’s “Creme de corps” when this one is finished ;)

beauty products mikuta uses and recommends

KIEHL’s Ultra facial cleanser

I just love this facial cleanser, I have used it for years and will probably use it forever! It cleans off all my make up very easily and requires just a little bit, which makes this product last for a very long time. It doesn’t over dry the skin and works for all skin types. (Costs around 18 €)

beauty products mikuta uses and recommends

KIEHL’s Ultra facial moisturizer SPF 30

My skin is quite dry and I’ve tried so many moisturisers from different brands but this one is seriously the best. It really hydrates the skin, its lightweight, absorbs fast and lets you put over make up with no problem. A big plus with this product is that it containts SPF 30 so you are always protected from the sun! BUT don’t forget to always put SPF 50 in the face when you’re planning to stay out in the sun for a long time. (Costs around 19,50 €)

beauty products mikuta uses and recommends

KIEHL’s Epidermal re-texturizing micro-dermabrasion scrub

I use this scrub to exfoliate my skin and scrub away dead skin cells. This one is very gentle and also reduces discolorations, facial lines and helps even out the skin tone. After using it I really feel a difference, it also leaves my skin super soft and clean. (Costs around 45 €)

beauty products mikuta uses and recommends

KIEHL’s Creamy eye treatment with avocado

I recently started to use eye cream after my friend told me how important it is… we are not getting any younger but we can prevent our skin to look older! This super smooth eye cream hydrates the sensitive skin around the eyes, reduces puffiness, dark circles and prevents wrinkles. It is so important to to have healthy skin around the eyes, thats where everyone looks! I really love this product and already see a difference. (Costs around 26 €)

beauty products mikuta uses and recommends


This is one of my favourite products. My mum suggested it to me last year and now I can’t stop using it. It has won a lot of prizes which is completely understandable. This is an oil made of plant extracts and vitamins, super natural and helps with everything. Its mostly famous for improving appearance of scars, uneven skin tone and stretch marks, but also hydrates very dry skin, smoothens the skin and just keeps it perfect. It is very oily and leaves the skin quite shiny for some hours, so I only use this oil at night instead of my moisturiser. I also use it on my chest and on my hips, go and get it, it is really the best thing ever! (Costs around 12 €)

beauty products mikuta uses and recommends

Vegalife Deodorant

There’s been a lot of discussion about wether not to use deodorants with aluminium or not, do they increase the risk of breast cancer? Anyways I think it is kind of risky so now I use this crystal deodorant which is 100% alum. I am a bit confused though, while writing this post I did a little research and I am not sure if this one is without aluminium… does anyone know? However I recommend to use other alternatives to deodorants, either this crystal (if it doesn’t contain aluminium) or magnesium, which I read is also good. Please let me know if you have any knowledge about this subject! (Costs around 9 €)

beauty products mikuta uses and recommends

Hurraw! lip balm

I’m a huge fan of red lips but find it annoying with red lipstick, it just gets stuck everywhere and I just don’t feel comfortable. I can stand it for a night out or on special occasions, but for every day life not. I used to use Baby Lips from Maybelline last year but now I found this perfect Hurraw! lip balm. It is all natural, vegan, made from raw ingredients, organic, which is good right? It is also super smooth, not too glossy, lasts very long and best of all, it has red colour in it! You get these amazing natural red-ish lips! PERFECT! (Costs around 6 €)

beauty products mikuta uses and recommends

Lierac magnificence eyes

This is another eye product that I use, it does kind of the same thing as the other eye cream I wrote about, it reactivates the youth of the eyes, corrects puffiness and dark circles. I use this in the morning as I feel that it really makes a difference and with fast effect. I haven’t used it for long but I really see a difference. Might also be because of the other cream. Anyways, I feel like the Kiehl’s cream is more about moisturising and nourishing the skin around the eyes, while this Lierac cream gives the eye area energy and magically takes away the dark circles :) (Costs around 30 €)

Note that all this is just from my own experiences, might work differently on you! But some of these products I really recommend :)

Which are your favourite skincare products?


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