Hello loves! I hope you’ve had a great week so far! My last days have been crazily busy, there’s been so much work to finish and at exactly this time Klemens got some jobs and needed to go away from Berlin, so I’ve been all by myself doing double work. But I am very impressed with my multitasking and I even had time for a quick coffee and shoot with Minnie in between! :)

Today I wanted to show you guys a fun shoot I did a while ago together with Leni and Laura for JUNIQE. We all had a different Juniqe t-shirt that we later styled together with our favourite pieces for New Years. I chose my favourite denim jeans and my glitter heels, to make the look a little more fun I used some sparky cat-ears!

Apart from shooting happy celebrating photos, we also did a little home story which I will show you as soon as it is out :) See more of the photos on juniqe.com.

 If you use “mikutaslovesart” as a code you get 15% off on anything until the 17th of Dec if you shop on their site.

Have a lovely day! xx


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