Hat – Marat Atelier  / Shirt – H&M / Shorts – Zara / Shoes – Converse / Sunnies – Chloé / Car – Beetle ;)

Hello and happy Wednesday from Mallorca! I came here with Klemens the other day and we are so happy to be back, to see my dogs, my friends… I sadly haven’t met my family yet since they are gone, but will see them today and tomorrow! The last days have been a bit crazy because besides shooting our own jobs we have also been working on my family restaurant, but it’s just fun with something different! :)

One of my favourite things to do in Mallorca is to take my mums little beetle and drive around the island to all the beautiful beaches and around the amazing mountains. We listen to loud music and most of the times take down the roof ;) So amazing!

Yesterday Klemens and I packed a little picnic bag and drove down to one of our favourite places called Costa de La Calma, we went in the afternoon when the sun was on its way down and it was so cozy. Since it was so empty and such beautiful light we couldn’t resist taking some pics! After that we went down to the rocks and had our picnic until it was dark and time to leave <3

Have a great day loves! Lots of love xx Mikuta


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