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Finally it is time to publish this post, I don’t think we have ever worked so hard on our photos like with this one. We knew it was going to be a challenge shooting black against dark shadows but after all work we are very happy with the result!

Today’s post is all about Wolford, as you can see I am top till toe dressed with Wolfords extremely comfortable and classic pieces.

First of all I want to talk about the Wolford Pure 50 tights which are the all black ones, they are so smooth and matte and feels great on my skin. The seams are glued together which makes them invisible and so comfortable. Ever since I was a child I’ve heard from my mum to always use Wolford because they never break, and it’s true.

Next is the Wolford Pure body and the Wolford Pure pullover, which are very soft and thin material. The body is great because it is almost glued to the body and gives you a smooth silhouette, same with the pullover. And last there is the Wolford Blair tights which are a little more crazy, and I love that this classic brand has so many fun variations in great quality. You will definitely see me in some fun tights from now on!

Have a lovely weekend! xx

Photos by Klemens White


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