mikuta-at-samsung-galaxy-gallery-15mikuta-at-samsung-galaxy-gallery-9mikuta-at-samsung-galaxy-gallery-1Joachim Baldauf talking about mobile photography.mikuta-at-samsung-galaxy-gallery-7Beautiful serie by @aguynamedriadhmikuta-at-samsung-galaxy-gallery-18@thomas_k and I in front of his always great work!mikuta-at-samsung-galaxy-gallery-12mikuta-at-samsung-galaxy-gallery-16mikuta-at-samsung-galaxy-gallery-2mikuta-at-samsung-galaxy-gallery-8Beautiful photos by @konaction , love the colourful chairs!mikuta-at-samsung-galaxy-gallery-3@muenchmax and @fredrdgzmikuta-at-samsung-galaxy-gallery-4@widenka was also there!mikuta-at-samsung-galaxy-gallery-6Beautiful curves by @jn and @aladiia (such a cute dog!)mikuta-at-samsung-galaxy-gallery-13mikuta-at-samsung-galaxy-gallery-10mikuta-at-samsung-galaxy-gallery-17mikuta-at-samsung-galaxy-gallery-11Band reunion <3 @fredrdgz & @goldjungemikuta-at-samsung-galaxy-gallery-5My look – Jumpsuit – FashionPills / Boots – Henry Kole / Septum ring – VidaKush

Hello! As I promised yesterday, here is a big photobomb from Tuesday’s SAMSUNG GALAXY GALLERY opening! Under the theme curved, we were a bunch of Instagrammers exhibiting our photos taken with the new Samsung Galaxy S6, now open for everyone to see in Bikini Berlin from the 2nd-6th of September.

For this exhibition I wanted to shoot the human curves, but since it was so short notice and I couldn’t get hold of a model I chose to shoot myself with the help of my boyfriend. We emptied our all white bedroom, sew a white swimsuit, covered the body with coconut oil for maximum shine and bent my back as much as possible to match the curve of the guitar. I’m very happy with the result and I hope you like it too :)

Have a great Thursday and thank you @samsungmobile_de for a lovely evening!


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