mikuta loves long dresses and graffitimikuta loves long dresses and graffitimikuta loves long dresses and graffiti mikuta loves long dresses and graffitiDress – Monki / Bag – Young hungry free / Sunglasses – ZeroUV / Shoes – Esprit


Hey guys! I hope you had a wonderful week so far! I’m still in Heidekaten and its been wonderful! It could have been better if it didn’t rain every day and if I could actually be outside but it was still nice to take some days off from Berlin and hang out in this big old house! We were supposed to leave today but the sun actually came back this morning so we decided to stay until tomorrow, I really wanted to lay in the grass with bikini and read my book, so today is the day!

Apart from chilling in the house and even if the weather was so bad we went to have ice cream in Wismar, went to the beach (for about two hours until we almost froze to death), made pancakes, made my first rhubarb pie (super delicious) and hung out with the cat! Now when I write this I realise we didn’t do almost anything, but well, that’s what vacay is for!

Now back out in the sun!! Have a great saturday!! <3

Photos by Klemens White


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