Time for metallics! I love silver (as you might have noticed), I like gold too but it just doesn’t work with on me, well, I have some golden pieces which I mix with the silver ones but the silver is definitely dominating! I get a lot of questions about my jewellery so I’m planning a post about it soon, but today I wanted to talk about my new nails!

When I was in Vietnam with my mum and sister we spoiled ourselves several times with manicure and pedicure, it’s so cheap there and some are really good! The first one we went to was terrible, they even had to take away my sisters nail polish because it wasn’t only on the nails… it was absolutely everywhere! The last place we went to was really amazing though, it was in Ho Chi Minh and its called Nail Bar in Thao Dien, in case you’re there and want your nails done ;)

Since I always have the same nail polish colour, dark purple, I decided to do gel-lack because it lasts longer and I don’t have to re-paint every day. I have a bad habit of scratching of my nail polish all the time, really bad! So yes, painting the nails with gel-lack is a perfect way to keep them nice for a long time. You just need to take care of them and not take away the polish by yourself because then you can destroy your nails. If you do gel-lack you should go to the nail manicurist and let them take it away, and re do it! I have a polish in the same colour that I paint with on the top of the nail when it grows a bit so it looks like new!

When we arrived to the saloon I had planned to paint the nails in dark purple, but when I saw their different colours I saw this amazing silver/metallic/shimmer colour and decided for that one and I love it! Now they are perfectly painted with lots of shine all the time and the colour sits on really well. And how cool is it with metallic nails now that metallic is so in? Yey!! <3

Love love xx Mikuta


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