the ragged priest

mikuta with coke and rainbows


Rainbow set – The ragged priest   How I love this fun look, I love matching sets and specially when its got rainbows on it! ;) I post this super late, I’ve been editing photos all day from all the shoots this week, and will be much more! Will be…

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mikutas style with pink glitter biker jacket and boyfriend jeans


Jacket – The ragged priest / Pants – Levi’s / Tshirt – Zara / Shoes – Zara   Feeling like a disco queen in my amazing pink glitter jacket from The ragged priest! Now its getting late, want to bike to Mauer Park, a big market that is open every…

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mikutas pink biker jacket

Glitter weekend

Pink glitter biker jacket – The ragged priest   Oh god I love this jacket so much, I will make another post with it soon, it’s just so cool! A perfect Mikuta jacket. This weekend has been so great, I’ve just been biking around Berlin, meeting friends, hanging in Tempelhof and danced…

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