Hey guys, we just wanted to talk about this photo that you might have seen around quite a bit lately.

About two weeks ago, on November 24th we went out to shoot some “instagram-able” pictures (just like we do almost every other day). One of the shots that came out was the one above – we published it on @mikutas Instagram, knowing it was very beautiful, cozy and chic content that probably would speak to a lot of followers. What we couldn’t imagine at that time was, that this picture was going to be reshared on instagram that much, that it reached over 6 million people – people, related to – and interested in fashion, 6 million people belonging to the so called “target audience”!

Other parties connected to this picture – such as the designer of the grey knit, Vivian Graf – weren’t left out of it’s success of course and got to feel it’s positive impact just like we did. Finally annapaulacommunications wrote an interesting article about this picture – and about the power of social media in general. You should read their article here!

Have a lovely Friday everyone!


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