Watch – La Roche collection by Cluse

Hello loves! Today I wanted to show you my new watch from Cluse. A lot of people are so into marble at the moment so this new La Roche collection will probably be of many peoples taste. What is so unique about this collection is that they used natural marble stone, so every watch has its own unique marble pattern. My favourite is this black one with black lester strap, but they have 3 other versions which you can see here.

Following the title of this post, their campaign for this watch is about uniqueness, what makes you special or unique? For me, I would say my one dimple on the right side makes me unique. I only have one and I used to dislike it when I was younger, but now I’m kind of liking it and I think it is something fun and different that not everyone has :)

Have a lovely rest of the day and happy Monday! xx

Photos by Klemens White.

In friendly collaboration with Cluse.


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