August 23, 2018

– Anzeige/ad – Post contains adlinks –Hello loves! Right now the bags are packed, we have our car, we’re stuck in a traffic jam on the highway for the last two hours but we are very happy and excited! Today starts our little road trip in Germany and Sweden for the next 12 days. Now we are on our way to Klemens mum to celebrate her birthday and to stay in her house on the country side for the weekend and on Monday we’re driving up to Sweden.

We found the cutest little red house by the lake on Airbnb two months ago and fell in love, it was occupied the whole summer but next week was free so we booked it instantly and now we’re finally on the way (almost). While packing yesterday I took some pictures for another post showing what I bring on the trip, so here’s an “18 things I pack to Sweden”! I obviously pack more but this is a little sneak peak. It says it will be quite cold, around 17-18°C, so I bring a lot of knits and cozy clothes, card games and thick socks.

What we didn’t know and found out just before leaving home this morning was that there is no running water or electricity in the little house, haha! We have to bring candles to see, firewood to stay warm and bath in the lake to get clean, just how it originally was. This will for sure be an interesting trip, almost like our road trip with the caravan through Portugal.

But now let’s take a look at some of my packing:First off we have this plaid wool hat from Isabel Marant, been waiting to wear this hat and finally it will be chill enough to wear it. This hat is perfect because it’s deep in the size, my head is quite big so I can’t have tiny hats and this one is great! So a tip for others with bigger heads :)

No real cottage feeling without a pair of rain boots! It says it will rain some days, we plan to walk around in the forest and the house is placed just 5 metres from the lake, so I’m sure these boots will come handy with some chunky socks. Boots from Hunter (similar here)

As I wrote there’s no electricity in the house so candles are needed. We’re brining small ones but I packed this guy into the suitcase too. Since we’re going with the car I don’t have to worry about the weight. This candle is from Greece and smells like heaven!

I’m obsessed with this mini perfume from Kai lately, it’s a little roll-on perfume oil that you can carry around with you all the time and add whenever. The scent is so amazing with notes of gardenia and white flowers. It’s an oil so you just need a little bit which makes this tiny bottle last long.

The other bottle is a serum mist from Lapcos which refreshes and hydrates the skin with a quick mist. It detoxifies, soothes redness and minimises the appearance of pores. Just what I need and find it very handy to bring on any trips. I don’t know how the air will be up there by the lake but it’s good to be prepared.

Now to something fun I got in Japan – I read a lot about the LuLuLun hydrating sheetmasks and when we we’re in Tokyo I brought a lot of them back to Berlin. LuLuLun is the best selling sheet mask brand in Japan and some of you might already know this brand from before. Sheetmasks have become so popular the last years, some are good, some are better. These ones are really good. I got them in pink and blue, the amazing thing about this brand is that they sell many of them in the same package. This one in the picture comes with 7 masks, so for a week. I also got bigger packages with up to 42 sheet masks. You’re supposed to wear them every evening but I tend to forget, but I use them as often as I can and I have to say I’ve seen a big difference since I started using them. My face is much more moisturised, more energetic and smoother skin. I really love these.

Cutest knit ever? You find it exclusive at Net-a-porter here. Loving the blue stripe, so simple and so cozy. From Ganni.

I’m bringing books too, right now I’m finishing the Hypnotist from Kepler which I highly recommend if you haven’t read it yet and you’re into crime novels. The second one I started already but only read some chapters, so will probably be able to finish this one too. It’s called Where the light gets in from Lucy Dillon, it’s more a feel good novel.

The knife we bring because it’s good to have and to feel safe – you never know what hides in the forest!

I packed some nice dresses too, think they will be nice alone or under a knitted sweater. This red floral printed wrap dress is also from Ganni, I think it will match the red little house and the green landscape perfectly.

The earrings are sparkly clip ons from Zara and I brought them in case I dress up a bit more one day, can look great with the plaid hat or to dress up a simple sweater. Loving all the big and sparkly earrings lately!

Some more practical clothing, an oversized white corduroy shirt to cuddle up in from Other Stories and my favourite jeans ever – my dad’s old Levi’s jeans that he wore when he met my mum <3 It’s incredible how long they last and how good look still after all the wearing. They have some rips here and there which gives them even more character, imagine what these jeans have been through, so interesting! Keeping these jeans safe and don’t over wear them, want to keep them for my kids in the future. Find similar here.

Last but not least I packed dry shampoo from R+Co, I threw it into the suitcase very last minute when I found out we have to bath in the lake and felt dry shampoo is a life saver, this one in particular is very good and lightweight, doesn’t make the hair feel even dirtier like with other ones I’ve tried. It’s also amazing for volume which is the main reason I use it.

Now to the last product of the list, the By Terry Baume de Rose face cream, this one is really creamy and hydrating and smells so good, just like roses! I love the scent of roses, it’s so fresh and romantic.

That’s all for this time, now we have almost arrived at Klemens’ mums house and I will pack together to computer and watch the beautiful landscape around!

Have a wonderful rest of the day! Lots of love xx Mikuta

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Beth August 24, 2018 at 11:07 pm

Can I just have your suitcase, these pieces are gorgeous! I especially love the knit jumper and ganni dress

Anika May August 24, 2018 at 11:47 am

Great list, love the Hunters boots!

Anika | anikamay.co.uk

Laura August 24, 2018 at 3:13 am

Your photos are SO stunning! It excites me that you are visiting Sweden, as I am from Finland myself, and the Northern Europe isn’t the most popular vacation destination. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

– Laura // afinnontheloose.com

Ines August 23, 2018 at 7:12 pm

Can’t wait to see all the pretty looks you’ll be posting with these clothes and the countryside background !! Love these kind of posts btw, and love when you’re posting often ;) Have a nice trip !! xx


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