January 19, 2017


Today was the last day of MBFWB and after a huge amount of shows, events and parties I am back on the computer which I didn’t have time to open up since Monday and it feels quite good. Although my feet are hurt after all the walking and my apartment is a big mess with clothes and bags laying around everywhere, it’s a bit sad that it’s over. Obviously fashion weeks are for seeing the designers new collections and being up to date, but it’s also about meeting old and new friends, hanging out and having fun! More about all this on another blogpost that we will make soon, today I wanted to tell you a little more about Steinrohner.

Klemens and I had a little chat with them earlier today before the show, it was really busy with the models getting their hair and make up done, the final rehearsal and photographers running around trying to get the perfect behind-the-scenes shot. Half an hour before the show, when you’d think everything is the most stressful we met Inna Stein and Caroline Rohner, together STEINROHNER for a little chat. We asked if they were nervous because I’d be, but no, they were super cool, very excited and happy. It always works out in the end and it had been going well all the time, except when they got locked in a room the night before, which is something that always happens right?

The designer duo from Steinrohner have roots in Russia and Switzerland but are based in Berlin where they together work on their creations. It’s “Couture de la rue”, a mix between haute couture and wearability.

While we were talking they both got their nails done with some really beautiful stickers which looked like lichen, which is the main inspiration for their autumn/winter 2017 edition. They saw photos of different lichen from a hike in Switzerland and loved all the different colours and how they grew together just like symbiosis, which is now the name of the edition. Inna and Caroline get their inspiration from pictures, films, people, icons and stories, so when we asked them which is their most important social media platform, they directly answered Instagram. It is an easy way for them to show their own story, process and behind the scenes. They want to tell a story with their creations which are a mix between fashion and art in a very playful way, and instead of making a collection, they call it editions with stories behind.

The girls created their label in 2013 and have already won the Young Designers’ Award Germany 2015 and exhibited in Premium Berlin Spring 2015 and participated in Berlin Showroom Paris Fall 2014, etc etc, this was their second time on the runway on MBFWB and we had to ask where they’d dream to show next, and of course it was Paris! With hard work, lots of motivation and their creativity, anything is possible! We asked them about how it is to work together, if there are any complications – sometimes if you want your idea to be fulfilled and maybe dislike another one, but they were both really happy with the way they are woking together, how one comes up with a good idea and the other one the next one! Both Klemens and I know how it is, working in a team rocks! (When you’re lucky) ;)

In the end Klemens felt a bit of an outsider just taking photos of us and not participating in the conversation, so he jumped in and ask the obvious question, did they ever consider doing menswear? Both Inna and Caroline laughed out loud and said that everyone asks the same question! Maybe in the future, you should never say never, although some of their pieces they make are unisex, such as the bomber jacket from their Spring/Summer 2017 edition that I was wearing and some tops, but of course, anyone can wear their stuff!

After the chat the girls had to run, the show was about to start and we went outside to take our seats. The show was beautiful with lots of playful creations, my favourites were the velvet bomber jacket with peals, the fluffy coats and the caps! Take a look at the photos and enjoy!


Happy girls after an amazing show!

Lots of love xx Mikuta

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Tatiana May 20, 2017 at 7:27 pm

i love your profile!…how do you get this wonderful monochrome colors on your photo??

AnnCha January 20, 2017 at 11:39 am

Amazing pictures!!! <3


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