Jacqueline. Klemens. Couple. Berlin. Photography. Fashion. Travel. Rock’n’roll.

After working in different fields and professions Jacqueline and Klemens merged their skills in 2015 and started the Mikuta blog, which now is their main business and biggest passion. Following a very high standard and unique style in photography, they only feature sophisticated and high-quality photos on their blog taken by themselves. On the blog you find their daily looks, lifestyle posts and you can follow them on their trips to beautiful places all around the world.

Jacqueline Mikuta is a Swedish girl who grew up on Mallorca, Spain. She has traveled around and studied in different cities in Europe such as Stockholm, London and Barcelona but since 2013 she is located in Berlin. She has an education in photography, advertising and art-direction, has worked as a stylist and make up artist but is now focusing on her biggest passion – photography… and the MIKUTA blog, of course! She has always been addicted to beautiful things and has developed her very own sense for style ever since. As a collector of knits and denim, she had the urge to share her love and tips.

Klemens White is a German guy from the Baltic Sea who grew up with his drum set. He came to Berlin where he started modelling and studying music/drums. After touring around Europe for some years he met Jacqueline in 2013 when she rented a room in his apartment. He started playing around with her camera and quickly discovered his talent and never left hands of it again.

Klemens on instagram: @klemenswhite / Jacqueline on instagram: @mikutas

AWARDS: @mikutas won the “place to B” influencer award 2017 in the category “Lifestyle”.