November 10, 2017

Hello loves, time for some tech-talk! I’ve been using Samsung for many years now, not only their smartphones but also other products such as their tablet, wireless chargers, headphones, watches, etc etc, and I was never disappointed. Right now I am using the Samsung Galaxy S8+ in silver and I love it. I love the design, the full screen, the size, how long the battery lasts and best of all the photos it takes, they are amazing and sharp with vibrant colours. Klemens is using the Samsung Galaxy S8 in black which also has the full screen and is as impressed with the photo quality of the phone.

Now let’s talk about some Samsung accessories – my favourite is the Samsung LED View Cover which I have in grey (fits well with the phone) and Klemens in navy. It’s the first time ever that I use a phone cover with a “flap”, covering the front as well, I never felt it was necessary but I’m so in love with it right now and can’t imagine using the phone without it, it covers the phone well while it’s in my bag and it also helps me have a better grip while holding the phone. Apart from being a great cover, the coolest thing about this cover is the LED view, as you can see on the photos it shows you the time and notifications. I’ve done some customisations like for example a heart when I get a message which is very cute. You can customise as much as you want and there are a lot of different symbols to choose from for every app or contact. It’s really cool and I already got lots of compliments for it :)

Next up are the Samsung Level On headphones, again I match my white ones with my silver and grey products and Klemens got the black ones, I love them in white, they are a great accessory to my looks and since I bring them with me so often I think white is cool for every outfit. They have great sound, are wireless but can also be used with wire of course and they are foldable so you can fit them in the bag easily. I bring mine all the time when I travel to listen to music or watch movies, I feel like I can relax and feel like more privacy when I wear the big headphones rather than small earphones. Don’t you think? :)

Last up are the Samsung battery packs, another thing I don’t leave the home without, unless I go out for a coffee. You never know how long you will be out and in our business we can’t afford being without battery on our phones. I again matched my battery with my Samsung Galaxy S8+ and so did Klemens, the batteries are small and stylish and lasts for multiple charges.

All these Samsung products are beautifully designed, great quality, makes our life easier in every way and let’s us stay connected at all times, just what we need!

Sponsored by Samsung Deutschland.

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Samantha Stansbridge November 25, 2017 at 2:13 pm

Hi there, do you use your mobile for taking photos, if so how do you rate it? ;-)

Mariana Agness November 18, 2017 at 2:35 pm

Hi Mikuta!

Love the post!

Are the pictures of this post taken with your phone?



MARIA November 13, 2017 at 12:08 pm

I love your silver stacked bangles! I’ve been looking for similar. Where are they from?

Alina November 10, 2017 at 5:24 pm

I can look at your photos forever! Love your style!


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