November 20, 2016

mikuta-schwarzkopf-bambi-2016-4mikuta-schwarzkopf-bambi-2016-1mikuta-schwarzkopf-bambi-2016-3mikuta-schwarzkopf-bambi-2016-7mikuta-schwarzkopf-bambi-2016-5mikuta-schwarzkopf-bambi-2016-2mikuta-schwarzkopf-bambi-2016-17mikuta-schwarzkopf-bambi-2016-6mikuta-schwarzkopf-bambi-2016-18mikuta-schwarzkopf-bambi-2016-10mikuta-schwarzkopf-bambi-2016-8mikuta-schwarzkopf-bambi-2016-13mikuta-schwarzkopf-bambi-2016-20mikuta-schwarzkopf-bambi-2016-16mikuta-schwarzkopf-bambi-2016-15Hello loves! On Thursday this week I was invited to attend Bambi Awards by Schwarzkopf together with Marie and Sofia. Bambi is a big prize giving ceremony here in Germany, so I was very excited to go! We were staying at Grand Hyatt Hotel where, before the event, we got our hair styled by the amazing Armin Morbach. When he arrived with his assistant he took a look at my dress and knew exactly what to do – a messy bun, just how I love it! They started styling the hair with Schwarzkopf products to give it lots of volume and made some soft curls to give it more shape. I’m amazed how easy it looks when he does it, in just some seconds he had my hair full of volume but when I do it myself it just doesn’t work. Magic! First we tried with a low bun for a little glamour but in the end we changed for a higher bun which we decided to go for! Yes, I know I always have it like that, but this one was much nicer with more volume, different fringe and the bun was up in a nice little chignon which he thought me it’s called! ;)

When we were all ready we met down by the lobby for some champagne and mingle. After that we jumped into a car that dropped us off at the red carpet, where we walked with our hair and pretty dresses to get photographed :) Later we went inside to see the awards being given out and the artist performing. The awards were nice and wise, since I’m not from Germany I didn’t know everyone but of course I knew Schweinsteiger and Jogi Löw which were both given a Bambi. I really liked these awards because it wasn’t only for actors, musicians and athletes, it was also for people involved in politics and helping others. Although my favourite part was when Robbie Williams entered the stage. I have always been a fan of him, he is just so cool and was really amazing performing his new songs.

When it was over I changed my heels to boots and went to the after-show party with the girls and Klemens (who was also there taking photos). It was full of people, lots of good food and drinks, dance and a fun “Magic mirror” by Schwarzkopf where we could try different hairstyles and moustaches!

Thanks Schwarzkopf for an amazing day and night! Unforgettable!

Lots of love xx Mikuta

In collaboration with Schwarzkopf.

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Paulina Piotrowska November 21, 2016 at 10:29 am

wow, guys did good job! :) beautiful

AnnCha November 20, 2016 at 11:50 pm

Must been amazing, you look fantastic!! What a treat??


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