December 12, 2016

mikuta-klemens-isana-rossmann-10mikuta-klemens-isana-rossmann-1mikuta-klemens-isana-rossmann-2mikuta-klemens-isana-rossmann-4mikuta-klemens-isana-rossmann-8mikuta-klemens-isana-rossmann-13mikuta-klemens-isana-rossmann-5mikuta-klemens-isana-rossmann-6mikuta-klemens-isana-rossmann-7mikuta-klemens-isana-rossmann-16mikuta-klemens-isana-rossmann-9mikuta-klemens-isana-rossmann-15-1mikuta-klemens-isana-rossmann-12mikuta-klemens-isana-rossmann-11Hi guys! Today’s post is a bit different from the others, more for the my male friends, unless you females are interested in beard… I wanted to share with you guys a little about my beard routine and how I keep it nice and soft!

I’ve had the same “beard style” since I can remember, in the beginning I used to shave it all off because there wasn’t much of it, but I guess since I was 23 I grew it out and kept it like this. I prefer to have a bit of beard because I feel it gives a better shape to my face, but who am I kidding, it’s just easier not to have to shave every day!

Having a beard means you also have to take care of it though, so not all laziness here. I shave it once a week where I make it quite short, let’s say 2 mm and later let it grow until it’s time for next shave. ISANA, the house-brand of Rossmann has some great products that I like to use for a better shaving experience and to treat it afterwards.

Before shaving (meaning cleaning up the cheeks) I use their “Wasch- und Rasiergel” with pantenol and glycerin, it makes it easier to shave and doesn’t irritate the skin. Afterwards I use their “Bart-Shampoo” to clean the beard but also the skin underneath. This product I use regularly, so not only when I shave. It has guarana extract in it, so it’s very energising and refreshing. In the end I use some drops of their “Bart-Öl” which is my favourite product of theirs. It includes argan and jojoba oil so it softens and nurtures the beard so it doesn’t get so tense, it is also good for the skin and prevents irritations. …also the irritation of my girlfriend when I kiss her with spiky beard, so I better use this oil ;) After this little treatment I’m done and ready for the day! These products and more beard/moustache products such as pomades, conditioner etc etc are available at Rossmann.

Have a great day guys!

In collaboration with Rossmann.

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