May 27, 2020

– Anzeige/ad – Brands mentioned –Hello loves, I hope you are well <3 It’s already end of May and it’s finally starting to get warm again here in Berlin, I absolutely love summers in Berlin and feeling so happy to be here. Even though it would be nice to visit my family in Mallorca this year, but seems like it will be possible soon! We’ve been busy bees here the last days, I’ve been multi-tasking and working on all kind of things, flyers and graphic design for my familys restaurant, final touches for the new jewellery coming, preparing a nice gift thing for the Mikuta brand, painting the final layers of the sealer for the kitchen wall and checking in on the bathroom building making sure it all goes as it should etc etc. A lot of fun!

Anyways, I wanted to show you yesterdays outfit! I got this long t-shirt dress from Iro recently which is perfectly comfortable, specially after being used to only wearing comfy clothes lately. It’s so simple and easy to wear. I love pieces that can be worn for many occasions and this is the perfect example. It’s perfect with sneakers or sandals during the day and you can also dress it up with accessories and heels or boots etc etc. Love!

I wore it with my glitter sneakers that I got for myself when I turned 30. I haven’t worn them so much actually, I just end up wearing my other super old glitter sneakers instead which look terrible, they have holes everywhere. So now it’s time to let go of the old ones and start using these ones! I always get so much pain when using new shoes, so it takes a while until they get comfortable, but yesterday it was finally comfortable <3 Time to sparkle!

The bag is from Messed Studio and it is actually my mums brand <3 She makes different bags by herself in her studio on Mallorca. This was her first bag, the Neck bag, now she has more designs, all in leather and different colours. I love the neck-bag now in summer when you don’t need to bring much and can hang it on the shoulder, cross body or just around the neck :)

Lots of love xx Mikuta

Dress – IRO / Shoes – Golden Goose / Bag – Messed Studio / Jewellery – Mikuta ;)

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El post es genial
Besos y te esperamos


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