January 7, 2016


Sweater – H&M / Pants – H&M / Shoes – Adidas

Hello everyone, I wish you a happy new year 2016 and I hope you had some awesome holidays!

Today’s look is cozy, very casual and a bit sporty. This black, extra-long turtleneck knit paired with the jogging pants is actually great for being comfortable at home – but then, you can just put on some sneakers and you are ready to leave if you want! The zippers on both sides of the sweater give it some edge, just like those comprehensive seams do on the pants. So doesn’t look boring at all! I am actually not a big sweater fan since I get too warm with them easily and always need something that I can open up in the front – gives me also a bit more of a “free feeling”. Well I own quite some sweaters and just have to get more used to using them. :P

Hope you all had a good start back at work after time with family friends and animals! Cheers!

Photos by Mikuta.

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Lovey January 9, 2016 at 3:29 am

Very very cool with a touch of athletic wear!


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