September 20, 2020

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Hello loves and welcome to another #mikutabuilds post! This weekend we have been super productive and finally built the kitchen shelf and the dining table. We had been searching for months for nice wood to build the kitchen shelf with but couldn’t find anything we liked. We wanted it to be a bit older but not too destroyed, also not too nice and we wanted it to match the rest of the wood in the kitchen. But last week we went a bit outside of Berlin to an antique seller who also has a lot of old wood, where we just went for it and got all the wood for the kitchen, dining table and the bathroom table! As you can see Klemens was very happy and excited <3Luckily the guy who sold the wood was going to deliver some furnitures in the city so he could bring us our wood too! The boards were all 4-5 metres long so that was a relief! This weekend we started building (mainly Klemens, I was more of an assistant). 

First thing he did was to cut 2 boards lengthwise, mainly because we needed our shelf to be 25cm wide, but the boards we got were only 20cm wide each, so he put together two times 12,5 to get the right width. This was also a benefit because as you might have seen before, we have put brackets inside the wall under the plaster, so that we could hang up the shelf invisibly. To make the brackets disappear completely, Klemens needed to carve and drill holes into the side of the board (seen on picture above) so it could slide over the brackets on the wall :)  

After that we put the boards together with glue and wood pins and let it dry!Later we sandpapered it and oiled it with our favourite oil/wax which we used for almost all our wood here at home. It’s a natural hard wax oil which leaves the wooden color almost how it is without making it darker. It has a little white colour in it which gets stuck in between the little lines of the wood and gives a nice greyish/older look which we like! (If you wonder what happened with our tree, it’s a very sad and long story, I feel so terrible for having almost killed this beauitful tree, but after a lot of research and talking with the plant doctor where we got it, we figured out it must have had a bacteria already when we got it, and now most leaves are gone and we will take away everything that’s bad and hopefully it will survive! Any Ficus pros around?)And here is the result, love how it fits well with the wall paint from Kalklitir, its stucco with the colour Palladio! A very stable and floating board where we can have our plates and glasses etc etc. Can’t believe we’ve been waiting so long to do this, but now it’s finally done and the kitchen is officially finished with the building! YAY! 

Now to the table making!

For the table we used similar wood as the shelf, but a bit thinner. We used 4 boards of 21cm x 2,10metres, made sure they all fit together without having too much space in between. Since the boards are a bit older they were all quite uneven, but after a bit of puzzling they all fit good together.Then it was time to put the boards together which was made by connecting them with a rectangular rail and latches to really tighten it, as you can see on the photo above. For the look we were going for and to give extra stability Klemens did cut-outs on each leg and connecting parts on the under construction.We put glue to give it extra strength beside the screws.And he screwed it all together!Here we have the table with all the parts glued and screwed on, the only thing missing is the connecting latch between the leg pairs. Last piece going on.And here we have the result, our new dining table! It is super stable and looks exactly how we wanted it to be <3 Now we just need to sandpaper and oil it, we didn’t do it yet because we were too excited to see how it looks like at it’s place. Love how it fits with our lamp suspender and stools from Couleur Locale. Later when we’ve put some chairs we’re ready for dinner parties!


Lots of love xx Mikuta + Klemens


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zuzana July 28, 2021 at 1:07 pm

Hi guys, you really do a great things! May I ask you more details about your table – what kind of old wood did you use and how wide are table legs?

Zuzana October 10, 2020 at 3:41 pm

Wow, what an amazing project. Love your photos and the whole blog vibe! 💖🌞

Have a wonderful weekend!
Take care, XO Zuzana 🧘🔮✨

Giorgia schiavoni September 21, 2020 at 6:24 am

Ciao Mikuta, mi chiamo Giorgia vi seguo sui social da un po, mi piacete perché siete naturali genuini, mi piace molto la vostra casa ne vorrei anche io una così ( per me è un sogno). Buona giornata 🤩


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