September 4, 2018

– Anzeige/ad – Post contains adlinks –Hello loves! Hope you had a good weekend. We came back to Berlin on Sunday night and Klemens went to Amsterdam yesterday early morning for a job and I had the day all by myself, it was nice! Did some errands, organised for New York and a friend came over for a bit, a nice and productive day. This morning Klemens came back and it’s time to finish everything before we leave on Thursday morning. Looking forward so much for New York, we haven’t been there for a year now, time passes so fast… I can’t wait to meet everyone, see some new cool designs, dress up for events (yes I’m excited to wear some clothing now, lately we’ve been so much on the country side and I’ve just been wearing cozy clothes more or less) and also to go to Tacombi and La Esquina, the best Mexican restaurants in NY!

Here are some more pictures from the little cottage, it was a grey and chilly day as well as you can see, and as every day I wore a big oversized sweater, this one I also got from H&M Man on sales for just 5€, it was also for Klemens but I wear it myself…as always. The hat is from Isabel Marant and it’s my new favourite, love the checks and it’s the perfect accessory for the colder days ahead. I thought the look was super cute with the stripes and the hat but later when I saw the photos I got reminded of Emil i Lönneberga, the little boy from the books and movies by Astrid Lindgren, and I felt a bit awkward, haha! Well at least it fit well with the Swedish atmosphere :P

Lots of love xx Mikuta

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