Cozy Charcoal Bathroom

December 21, 2020

– Anzeige/ad – Friendly collaboration with our friends at Sea You Soon – Hello loves, I hope you are well! A while ago we did a big blogpost showing you the result of our final bathroom, but I wanted to do some separate blogposts digging deeper into the different categories and today I wanted to focus on the towels! They are a such important part of the bathroom, one of the cosiest thing is getting out of a nice hot shower and wrap into a warm, cozy towel!

For Casa cozy we wanted to have something beautiful that matched the rest of the bathroom and apartment, and thought these 100% cotton Humana towels made by Sea you soon from Greece were perfect!

We have been using towels from Sea you soon for many years already (see post here), but always their beach towels. Recently they launched their Casa collection which includes bath accessories such as towels, robes and sponges, etc etc. They have the pieces in several beautiful colors, I absolutely love the Dusty pink colour but compromised with Klemens and ended up getting the Charcoal colour, which is beautiful and fits perfectly into our bathroom.

The towels are not only beautiful, they are also great quality, perfectly thick, you know this luxury feeling <3 They come in three different sizes (hand, face and bath). We got all three sizes and also the bath mat for warm feet :)

Lots of love and coziness xx Mikuta



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