– Anzeige/ad – Post contains adlinks –Hello loves, hope you had a great weekend! We spend Wednesday and Tuesday in Switzerland (blogpost about it coming this week) and when we came back to Berlin we were busy with birthday parties both Friday and Saturday :) It was a real fun weekend, somehow most of my friends and relatives have birthdays from nov-dec, so many parties at the end of the year! ;)

Here are some photos from Ireland, we were only there for 4 days but managed to take so many photos! Somehow we always do that, we go on a trip, take millions of photos and end up posting less than half of them…so all the stress was for nothing, haha! At least we’re having fun doing it which is the most important.

That’s also the title of my post AND what is written on my beautiful cape! “Do what makes you happy”, the perfect motto, to do what you want, follow your dreams and do what you love. If you do what you love and follow your dreams things will work out. Don’t settle for anything you don’t want just because you feel safe with it or comfortable, because in the end we only live once and now is the time. Don’t be afraid of failure because you can never really loose, you can only learn. Only be around people who give you positive energy, don’t let anyone push you down, learn to say no, don’t care too much what others think, don’t take everything too seriously, stop thinking too much and take advantage of the situations that come. So whatever you do, be sure it makes you happy <3

I’ve been struggling with saying no in the past, I’ve been to nice, too shy, and let people run me over – so I’ve had to learn to be truthful to myself and learn feel what I really want. If situations or people give me negative energy it is not worth the struggle. For my  birthday I got a necklace from my mum and sister where it says “fuck off” on a silver pendant, they told me it’s to forget the fear of what other people think, which is often the case of why we back off from following our dreams, so fuck off to that! :P

This cape is from Zadig et Voltaire and I love it, reminds me of the beauty in life and how cozy it is with ponchos, haha! I’ve never owned a poncho before in my life but really enjoyed cuddling up in this one the last weeks. It’s perfect to throw over a leather jacket or anything actually to stay warm and cozy. Or just roll it up as a scarf :)

Lots of love xx Mikuta

Cape & bag – Zadig et Voltaire / Pants – Iro / Shoes  –  Miu miu


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