July 30, 2019

Hello again loves, here’s a little update about Casa Cozy! Right now we are waiting for the electrician to come and fix all the electricity and plugs etc etc before we can close the walls after the tear down. There’s not so much to do at the moment, we’ve ordered samples for tiles and looked at different materials for the kitchen and bathroom but everything has to be done after the walls are closed… so this weekend we spent trying out different painting techniques!

We want to paint the kitchen wall, the sofa wall and the main bedroom wall, but very subtle and not too strong because we want to keep the apartment as light as possible. We don’t want all the walls to be exactly the same so we started with the kitchen wall, trying out different ways, as you can see on the little squares on the photos. We tried with sponges and lots of water, we tried cement colours and scrapes and roller brushes, etc etc. Somehow we liked the sponge and water technique the most and just went for it! We mixed grey color in water and started painting with a big sponge creating different structures, vertical and horizontal. We let the first layer dry for a bit and went over again here and there. We kind of like how it turned out in the end, but will see if we continue to give it a bit more depth and structures…we don’t want it to be too dark but right now its hardly visible, what do you think?

We haven’t done this before and this might not be the right way to do it, but we’ve searched a lot on youtube and kind of free-styled a bit!


Lots of love xx Mikuta



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