September 23, 2019

-Anzeige/ad – In collaboration with Kapten & Son –

Hello guys! These are a lot of photos, I admit! Fact is, this backpack called “Helsinki” by Kapten& Son is not only hyper convenient – it looks incredible as well – so we couldn’t stop taking photos of it…!

I am using the backpack since some weeks now and I am more than happy with it! The look is one (very important) thing -but ease of use, convenience and practicality are the actually important factors when it comes to backpacks!

I think Kapten & Son really created a great product with this more rugged / functional / outdoorsy looking “Helsinki”. It features waterproof zippers and materials that can take heavy rain or loads of water when travelling on boats etc. With a capacity of 26 litres it hits the sweet spot between size and practicality. There are multiple compartments on the in- and outside of the backpack, such as a laptop space right on your back for safety and easy access without the need to open the whole backpack. One other feature I really like are the straps on both sides that allow you to “overpack” if there is no space left inside… But they are also a great tripod-carrier.

When we travel I use the Helsinki for gear, since I don’t like “dedicated” camera-bags. I like to keep things modular and only throw those items amongst cameras, lenses, tripod, laptop and accessories I need for the occasion in the bag instead of carrying around a whole lot of stuff that I will not use. This way I still have enough space left for some clothes, beach-towels or extra shoes for Jacks.

Check all the backpacks by Kapten & Son here.

See you soon! ;)

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Ela - themomentsbyela.pl September 23, 2019 at 6:31 pm

The backpack looks great and I have the impression that it is very roomy.
Have a nice day.


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