February 16, 2019

Hello again :) Next up is Nacpan Beach! This is an absolutely AMAZING beach about 40 minute scooter drive away from El Nido. We went there twice and would go back in a heart beat, we’ve even considered just staying there in a hut for the rest of our trip…but that would have been a bit sad because we want to see a bit more of the Philippines but if that wasn’t the case we would have stayed <3 If you scroll down you’ll see what I mean :)To get to Nacpan we rented a scooter, we actually rented a scooter for every day when we were in El Nido because if you move around it will eventually become cheaper than to take a tricycle from place to place. A scooter costs 500PHP per day. The ride to Nacpan Beach was around 40 minutes, first on a big road and later on a dirt road, it’s a lot of fun on the way, you see how they live there, the nature is beautiful and of course it’s always fun to ride a scooter! Just don’t forget the helmets! We keep on seeing tourists with bandages here all over, seems like a lot of accidents!

Once you finally arrive to the beach you will be amazed by the white sand and the blue water, the beach is pretty long so there is a lot of space, as you can see on the photos there were almost no people, except in the middle of the beach where there are some beach bars. We loved a small little local bar where they serve fresh fish, and there’s also the Mad Monkey bar which is fun where you can also sleep.

The most amazing thing about Nacpan Beach is that it is a twin beach, theres one beach parallel so you have even more to choose from and when it’s sunset you can go over to the other beach to watch it.

Both days we visited we stayed until sunset because that’s when it’s the best time to shoot (so hard to shoot during the day with strong sunlight) so we always drove back home in the complete darkness. There are no streetlights so you have to rely on the scooter lights, I was a bit worried in the beginning but in the end it’s really nice and fun! You pass by a nice village where they had a festival and it was all party! If you don’t want to drive back in the dark I suggest you leave a bit earlier or just stay on Nacpan Beach :) If we go back to El Nido we will definitely stay on Nacpan!

100000000% recommending this place <3

See our vlog for more insights! (Vertical video made for mobile, watch on full-screen)

Lots of love xx Mikuta


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Ekscentryczny Blog February 21, 2019 at 12:08 am

Wow, it looks soooo great! Spending time there must be like a dream coming true! <3

Dalal Yagoubi February 20, 2019 at 6:31 am

We just got back from El Nido as well, we fell in love with Nacpan too and Duli beach even more, because there is some surf there and very good vibes. So we stayed in a hut at Duli beach :-))


Ester y Leticia February 18, 2019 at 10:22 pm Reply

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