December 14, 2016

mikuta-vietnam-part-two-60Hello! A while ago I posted the first part of my Vietnam-story and here is the second part. I just have so many photos from this trip, it’s crazy! I’m trying to skip some but I just don’t know which ones, also it’s nice to have them here in on the blog so I can also look back whenever I miss this trip and my mum and sister :)

So after we took the crazy night bus from Nha Trang which you can see in my first Vietnam post, we went to the central coast and ended up in Hoi An which is an ancient town with lots of canals. This was definitely my favourite destination of our trip, it’s just so beautiful, cozy, small and full of Vietnamese lanterns, and lots of tailors! Absolutely everywhere. And Bahn Mi, vietnamese sandwiches.

My sister just told me it’s been raining for a whole week in Vietnam and that Hoi An has been completely flooded :'( So sad, I hope it doesn’t get too destroyed!mikuta-vietnam-part-two-3mikuta-vietnam-part-two-6mikuta-vietnam-part-two-5First we found this little workshop and shop where they created beautiful things like these cups, we had to get some! <3 Hoi An is full of these little arts and crafts workshops mostly made by disabled people where they earn all the money, get a sustainable income and get to be more independent, they were all so talented and looked very happy! Their creations were beautiful, these cups for example, jewellery, scarfs, etc etc.mikuta-vietnam-part-two-2mikuta-vietnam-part-two-12mikuta-vietnam-part-two-56mikuta-vietnam-part-two-10mikuta-vietnam-part-two-32mikuta-vietnam-part-two-15mikuta-vietnam-part-two-16mikuta-vietnam-part-two-11After we passed by this huge market where they sold fruits, food and lots of smoothies. We tried avocado-mango smoothie which was one of the best things I ever had, why haven’t I found this anywhere else? We were all very impressed by the women there, they were all dressed in matching sets, so cute! mikuta-vietnam-part-two-59mikuta-vietnam-part-two-20mikuta-vietnam-part-two-64mikuta-vietnam-part-two-53mikuta-vietnam-part-two-46mikuta-vietnam-part-two-58The buildings are a mix of Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and European architecture which makes this so special. My favourites were the wooden chinese shop-houses in all different colours with silk lanterns hanging everywhere, crazy barber shops, nice coffee places and lots of small streets to get lost.mikuta-vietnam-part-two-23mikuta-vietnam-part-two-55mikuta-vietnam-part-two-28mikuta-vietnam-part-two-26mikuta-vietnam-part-two-27mikuta-vietnam-part-two-54In the evenings it’s full life on the other side of the river where the lantern market takes place. We ate good Vietnamese food, had some drinks, got some lanterns and bowls and enjoyed the view.mikuta-vietnam-part-two-19mikuta-vietnam-part-two-18mikuta-vietnam-part-two-38mikuta-vietnam-part-two-34mikuta-vietnam-part-two-37mikuta-vietnam-part-two-51mikuta-vietnam-part-two-39mikuta-vietnam-part-two-63mikuta-vietnam-part-two-36They have another big market where they sell rice, fruits, veggies and fish. So messy and beautiful like everything else. They are real hard working women in Vietnam!

mikuta-vietnam-part-two-9mikuta-vietnam-part-two-45mikuta-vietnam-part-two-52mikuta-vietnam-part-two-7mikuta-vietnam-part-two-62mikuta-vietnam-part-two-48mikuta-vietnam-part-two-57mikuta-vietnam-part-two-41mikuta-vietnam-part-two-50mikuta-vietnam-part-two-49In the evening we had some good street food by the canal and saw the famous Japanese bridge.

I really loved Hoi An because of all the history, coziness, beautiful houses and that it is surrounded by big rice fields which you will see in my next post where we moved closer to the beach, rented scooters and Angies boyfriend Pablo joined our trip!

Until then! xx

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Aurélia March 17, 2018 at 10:11 am

Your article is wonderful, it reminds me my travel in Vietnam. I love Hoi An as well ♡
I have been also very impressed by these women working so hard in Viêtnam ! I hope their condition will be improved in the coming years

Julia April 1, 2017 at 10:45 pm

My country… my life… my everything ❤ So much memories when I saw your pics

Sella January 11, 2017 at 10:23 pm

Love the pictures? I need to go there!

AnnCha December 15, 2016 at 12:14 pm

Wow, beautiful pictures and lovely reading!! We have to go back❤️ A fantastic trip with my lovely daughters… thank you again!!??

Angie December 15, 2016 at 10:43 am

oooh miss you <3 <3 <3 Älskar alla bilder!!!

Margaret December 15, 2016 at 3:40 am

All these photos just bring me back to the beginning of this year when I went to Vietnam! Love all these photos!

xx Margaret


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