May 17, 2018

One subject that has been very important for many years but becoming bigger and receiving more awareness is recycling and sustainable living. Today it’s the international day of recycling so I thought I’d get a bit deeper into this.

One priority of Nespresso is recycling and they are working hard to give their used capsules a second life. They are collecting and recycling as many capsules as they can all around the world and creating new products with them. One of the products is this “Pioneer Nespresso Dharkan” knife which is made in collaboration with Victorinox. It is made out of light and robust aluminum from Nespresso capsules.

This subject has always been important for me, as I grew up on the country side in a very natural and alternative surrounding. I have always been very thoughtful with nature, my family taught me with young age not to waste anything and to reuse as much as I could. I didn’t grow up getting a lot of new toys that you throw away after a while, instead I got a very valuable metal box from my grandfather filled with different tools, screws and components to build my own toys and constructions. My grandfather had used it as a child too. I used that box during my whole childhood and created my own toys to play with.

In my teenage years I was very into sailing and built a huge land sailing trike out of an old motorbike, many re-used metal parts from the trash yard and the old sails from our neighbours sailing boat. This was a project I worked on for a whole summer and I think the only thing I got that wasn’t recycled were the back wheels.

Now I live in the city and don’t have as much time to build my own things like I did in the past, but the thought of recycling and reusing is still on my mind all the time and I live with that mindset and philosophy. I bike instead of driving (whenever I can), I bring my own fabric bags to the supermarkets, I return my bottles, separate the trash and keep on building my own furnitures at home, often with reused materials found on the street or in markets. There are a lot of things you can do to help nature, the collaboration between Nespresso and Victorinox is a great example for that, the more we all work together the bigger the effect. Every little help matters. Read more about the project here.

In collaboration with Nespresso.



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