April 25, 2019

In collaboration with Porsche Design.

Hello there! It has been a while since I made a post here on the blog – but these sunglasses by Porsche Design just need an appropriate presentation like this… I got the P’8674 SUNGLASSES “SIDEWALL” and I´m in love! As you might know – I am not a guy that wears a lot of accessories (I wear none) but if there is one accessory, it is a good pair of sunglasses – and boy are these good!

I always wanted a more round-ish pair but never made the move until now… the P’8674 feature a sidewall which gives a little extra protection from sunlight and from wind – but most of all this sidewall, which is part of the frame gives these glasses a very unique and exclusive look – and I love that look! The frame is full stainless steel – therefor quite heavy and robust. The frame is available in 3 different colours: grey, black and gold. Mine are gold which fits perfectly with my always neutral looks. This is definitely my favourite pair at the moment that I will be wearing a lot this Summer.


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Ester y Leticia April 29, 2019 at 11:04 pm

El post es genial
Besos y feliz semana


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