July 15, 2015

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This is something completely new on my blog, but yesterday I suddenly felt the urge of making some ice-sticks, so why not share my little recipe on the blog? I’d like to call them “Miku-sticks”! Since I love basil, raspberries, coconut and lemon I decided to make some mixes with these ingredients, but you can of course make them however you want, that’s the fun with homemade ice-cream-sticks!

What I used as ingredients?

-Low fat quark


-Fresh Basil


-Coconut milk

-Coconut flakes


How I made them?

Raspberry + Basil : I cut the basil in small pieces and mixed it together with raspberries and the quark. I also put a little bit of honey for a sweeter taste but this is totally optional.

Raspberry + Coconut : I mixed together half coconut milk and half quark, put in the raspberries, smashed it all together and in the end put in some coconut flakes. Honey is also optional, since the coconut milk is quite sweet it is not necessary, but I put in honey anyways! I love it sweet!

Basil + Lemon : I cut the basil in small pieces and mixed it together with the quark. After that I teared in some lemon peel and also squeezed in half a lemon, then mixed!

Lemon + Coconut : I teared some lemon peel  and mixed it together with half coconut milk and half quark, and of course some coconut flakes!

When everything was mixed and prepared with my favourite essentials I poured the mixes into the plastic-ice-crem-holder. I put them in the freezer for half an hour, took them out and put in the wooden sticks, put them back into the freezer and let them stay in there for the night. How long you need them to be in the freezer depends on the size of the ice-creams and how long you want to wait. I think 5 hours is enough!

When they were out, I let them stay for a while to be able to get them out of the holders and later it was time to enjoy!! Or well, I had to decorate and take some photos before, but I just tried some and they are amazing! ;)



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AnnCha July 15, 2015 at 3:20 pm

mums!!!! Lova att göra det när vi ses ; ) Pusss

Saralinneea July 15, 2015 at 12:31 pm

Dra mig baklänges vad gott, måste provas!!


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