July 24, 2019

-Anzeige/ad-Hello again loves! Lots of blogposts popping up here, but once again I’m excited to get the blog back on track with more looks and what we’re up to! I used to blog all the time before and missed it :)

Here are some more pics of yesterdays look, I already posted some on my Instagram and I’m happy so many of you liked it, as you know I already LOVE the shoes but I also love this skirt! I’ve been searching for the perfect leo skirt for a while and I found this one in Zara which is perfect, it’s got the perfect flow and also a slit on the side which I really like, it’s just complicated to walk with a tight midi-skirt…I also like to show some legs! :D

The t-shirt is from Bimba y Lola, I got it on sales when I was on Mallorca. It’s 100% linen and it’s so soft and perfectly oversized (can’t find the white one but here’s the same in grey). The bag is from Messed Studio, you might have seen it already if you follow me on IG, it’s a little neck bag which you can also wear as a cross body or over shoulder. I love it now during summer to bring with me and carry as little as possible, it’s big enough to fit my phone, lipgloss and wallet, etc etc <3 Also how beautiful is this yellow color?

That’s all for today! Hope you’re having a great Wednesday evening!

Lots of love xx Mikuta

Skirt – Zara / Shoes – Converse / T-shirt – Bimba y Lola / Bag – Messed Studio



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