February 26, 2020

Anzeige – In collaboration with Beton Vivet.Hello loves, it’s time for the big kitchen post! As you know we have been working a long time on the kitchen, we kept the structure and base from the old kitchen that was already in the apartment when we got it, but changed the outside and look. We used the old wood that we found in the walls when we tore them down to build the cabinets and drawers, and then we built a new top board, floor boards and the two boxes with OSB plates.

We wanted to have a wood and concrete kitchen, and heard about the genius material called microcement. It is a cement based coating which you can use on most materials, even for seamless walls and floors. Since it’s only 2mm thick it is a great and easy alternative to achieve your concrete wishes without all the hassle of making something out of full concrete which will also be very heavy.

For this project we worked together with Beton Vivet which are specialised in microcement, make it easy for everyone to use it and offer a range of different colors to choose from. We chose the color number 60 which is a light grey shade with a bit of warmth. We will use their microcement nr 60 both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, but starting with the kitchen. The reason we built the boards and boxes with OSB plates is because it is a very steady material and easy to build and use.

In total this project took us 4 days to complete, but it was a lot of fun and we are super happy with the result! The guys from Beton Vivet were very helpful and answered any questions we had along the way!

We used a complete microcement set from Beton Vivet which includes all the material you need. The set consists of a primer, the microcement powder in colour 60, resin to mix it and the two different top coats. You also need a French spatula, rollers, a scale, a mixer, a small sander, something to cover your floors and some excitement :D The set comes with a booklet which explains the whole process so it’s easy to use.

Now let’s check how the process went!


Since we used the OSB plates they told us it would be the best if we first covered them in a thin layer of tile glue to cover all possible marks and patterns from the OSB plates and also for the micro-cement to stick even better. So we did one later of tile glue on all our parts, after it dried we sandpapered off the rough edges and put a decent layer of the primer with a roller!



Second day! After letting the primer dry over night on all the boards it was finally time for the microcement. The powder has to be mixed with the resin, 1 kg powder with 0,25kg of resin, we used a little scale to measure the weight and then we mixed it with a drill mixer. The material has to be used within 45 minutes so it doesn’t dry.

You have to do two coats of the microcement, and the second coat has to be on before the first coat has dried, but since our parts were quite small this was very easy. You apply the material with a French spatula, the first layer you apply with a steep angle of the spatula to cover the whole board, and the second layer which you apply after about an hour with a flatter angle so you get a more smooth surface. The second layer is the most important because it determines the look.

I guess there is no right or wrong when it comes to how you apply it, it all depends on the look you want to achieve! The micro-cement mix is very easy to use and sticks on very well to the boards, so it was actually much easier than we imagined which was a big relief!


We let the two layers of micro-cement dry for 24 hours and then it was time to sand paper them! We used a small round sander with 120 sandpaper which worked perfectly. The sandpapering takes away the rough edges and makes the boards super smooth. It also brings out the beautiful concrete look and effect even more!

Once they were all sandpapered and ready we mixed the first layer of the top coats which I rolled on with a roller.

The first GS topcoat will make the boards strong and protected from water etc etc, it will also leave the boards a bit shiny, that is why it is necessary to use the second top coat MS if you want it to be matte.


The next day once the first top coat had dried it was time for the second top coat which is the MS topcoat. This one will protect it even more and leave the boards matte and beautiful! Once this coat is dry the process is finally done – yey!

So this was a lot of work and late nights, but definitely worth it and a fun project to do together! We worked so much on our kitchen to look exactly how we want it to be, and to be able to build it and do the microcement ourselves and see our dream kitchen come alive has been so much fun! Next step is to do the bathroom walls and floor, but that will be another story ;)

So are you ready for the result?

Tadaaa, welcome to our dream kitchen! This is how it turned out and we absolutely love it! It actually turned out exactly how we wanted it. The microcement is smooth but still with the rough look that wanted and the colour is perfect together with the wood, we’re so so happy! This Beton Vivet microcement is magic <3

Now it is of course very empty, but with the tiles and the wooden board on top, plus all the kitchen stuff and some plants, it will come more alive and more “homey”. Can’t wait for that, but first we need to screw everything together and make it tight, and soon the kitchen will be completely done and ready to use!

Lots of love xx Mikuta + Klemens

Check out our video below where we show more of how this was done !


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Till September 11, 2020 at 3:12 pm

Great! Only thing I’d have added would be filling the gaps between the working surface and the vertical elements of the drawer cabinets with cement as well so the last hint of separate (wooden) elements is gone.

ELFIE May 1, 2020 at 10:09 pm

I love such industrial vibes :)

Ester y Leticia March 2, 2020 at 10:25 pm Reply
Christina Fessmann February 27, 2020 at 9:24 am

Just fantastic you two. So bold to do everything yourselves! Just love the look and all the hard work and effort. You are truly a dream team🙌🙌😍😍


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