March 5, 2015

mikuta in black leather pantsmikuta in black leather pantsmikuta in black leather pants

T-shirt – The Golden Heart / Vest – Zara / Pants – Zara / Boots – Depeche / Hat – Mango


The sun comes and goes all the time, yesterday it was snowing, this morning it was sunny and warm and now its totally grey. I need to get away for a while, need some sun to warm up. Thank god I’m going to spain soon :)

Yesterday we celebrated Klemens birthday and spent all day in the city, or most of the time inside different coffee places hiding from the snow, but it was really cozy! I also had a great meeting in the morning for a job I will do next week for an upcoming concept store here in Berlin.

Today I have to work work work cause tonight Amanda and Pierre are coming and tomorrow we shoot for Akaknits and later its weekend so won’t be much work done… I can’t wait for tonight when they arrive! <3

Check out this cute brand called The Golden Heart ! Really nice T-shirts and hats, I’m wearing the Midnight T-shirt right now ;)

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