Morning Kick-Start

June 3, 2016


Good morning loves! Today I wanted to show you and talk a little about our morning routines, as most people drink coffee or tea in the morning, Klemens and I are completely in love with a strong and good coffee, as you might have noticed on my IG account :) The first thing we do when we wake up is to make a cup, we take turns, before Klemens used to wake me up with coffee beside my bed but then I could easily stay in there for another hour so to avoid this I’ve started to make the coffees as well!

We have been using Nespresso for a while because of their outstanding quality, made by coffee experts and their wide selection. Also since it is so easy and fast to prepare a good cup! We recently started using the “Envivo Lungo” capsules which is the most intensive of all the Gran Cru Lungos with an intensity of 9. To give you some more information about this new Envivo Lungo, it has a sensual sense of oak spice, gingerbread and caramel. This dark roasted coffee is a composition from arabica beans from India and Mexican robusta. We always drink our coffee with milk, but the unique intensive flavour still remains. It gives a real kick-start in the mornings! The Envivo Lungo is now permanently part of the Gran Cru sortiment and comes for 3,7o euros for 10 capsules.

As a blogger you are quite flexible, specially when you work from home like we do, and even if you don’t have to go to an office and start working at 8/9, you still need to be up and working when everyone else does. So after or while enjoying our coffees with calm we check and answer mails, receive packages (favourite part) and later talk about and plan our upcoming shootings and projects! When we have everything set we put our workout clothes on and go out for a run/cardio, when we get back we get ready and dress with the outfits we are planning to shoot! A good and energetic start in the mornings always ends up with a successful day!

Have a wonderful Weekend! xx Mikuta + Klemens

In collaboration with Nespresso.

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Badspiegel January 10, 2017 at 9:59 am

First of all a belated very Happy New Year. I can’t agree with you as far as Nespresso is concerned. There’s nothing but big mug of milkey coffee in the morning while checking e-mails. ;-)

ira June 3, 2016 at 8:58 pm

this is so amazing, guys! photos are LOVE <3

thedaydreamings June 3, 2016 at 7:41 pm

Your photos are everything!


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