December 29, 2019

Hello loves! I hope you’ve had amazing Christmas holidays until now, only two more days of this year, exciting! I spent Christmas in Sweden with my family and Klemens went to his mum’s place in the north of Germany to celebrate with his family. Now we just met on Mallorca to celebrate New Years here and to get some sun before we go back to Berlin next year, hehe.

Casa cozy is still one of our priorities and we’re super excited to continue building in January as soon as we get back! Maybe you’ve already seen on one of our casa cozy vlogs that we’re building a steel-glass-wall to separate the bedroom with the hallway. Since we took away the bedroom wall with the stairs we need to put up another wall, and to keep the light flowing through the apartment we couldn’t think of anything better than a glass wall! It will have a sliding door and curtains on the bedroom side so we can close it of course :)

As you know we like to do most of the things for Casa cozy ourselves, but this steel-window-wall would be way too hard, so we let a professional do it. Luckily Klemens’ old neighbour is an artist and welder and took on this project with a lot of enthusiasm. Heiner is Klemens mums neighbour since over 20 years and Klemens grew up playing around his house and throwing stones into his windows, and now they are making windows together! Life is funny!

The wall will be about 3,4 metres times 4,8 metres with 9 fields wide and 5 fields high, in total 45 windows. The sliding door will be 3 fields wide and 4 fields high, just for a better understanding :) We’ve been so nervous about how this would turn out, but after seeing this we both think it will be amazing!

While Klemens was visiting his family he also checked into Heiners workshop to see how it was going, and he had already built a lot – see the pics below!Heiner has been working very carefully and precise on this project and look how beautiful it’s turned out already! There’s still lots to do but it’s planned to be done in January. As soon as it’s ready we will go up there and help Heiner bring it down to Berlin and bring it up into Casa cozy and install it. Once it’s all up we will get a glass guy to provide all the 45 small windows and put them in. We will also burn the crossings and oil the fame for protection and a longer life.

This is so fun and exciting and I can’t wait until it’s up! Right now we don’t have a wall at all and we’ve kind of gotten used to it, but I think it will be really nice with a wall for the bedroom and it will also be nice with a new change.

What do you think? <3 :D

Now time to get back to Berlin and continue with #mikutabuilds! Can’t wait!

Check out the video Klemens did when he visited Heiner in the workshop!

Lots of love xx Mikuta + Klemens



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AnnCha December 29, 2019 at 7:40 pm

I love this family storie!!
Makes it so unique ❤️ Xx


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