June 30, 2015

semipermanent-eyelashes-mikutaI just have to show you guys my new semi-permanent eye lashes made here in Mallorca by the amazing Hannah from Lovelash! For the people who don’t know what it is – its false individual eye-lashes put on with a strong glue so they sit for around 3-4 weeks, depending how good you take care of them. It is perfect for summer when you want to have made up eyes on the beach but don’t want to look like a ghost when you get up from the water. Or just always look super glam and save time in the mornings!

I had fake lashes before but they were completely plastic and thick, looked so fake, but these are so natural and I can’t even feel them. On this picture above I don’t wear any mascara at all on my upper eyelashes, and look how black and thick they look!

If you’re in Mallorca and want to get some gorgeous lashes, then Hanna is the one for you, she’s also working in London and lots of other places, check her website here: .

Kisses! xx


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