February 4, 2016

mikuta-beauty-base-3Hello loves! Today I’m sharing another beauty post, this time about the perfect base, or at least I will tell you about my favourite products for a flawless base :)

mikuta-beauty-base-2First off comes these two products from Giorgio Armani. I have tried so many different brands during my years on this planet and I have to say that this Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation is the best one that I used so far. It is a liquid fluid which leaves a silky texture that covers well without making you look like a cake. It has a semi-matte finish so it gives the skin enough shine and natural look. I don’t like bases that are too matte or too thick, I want it to look natural but to give a nice little layer of balanced colour! This one is very weightless which prevents it from sinking into the lines around the eyes. This foundation also contains vitamin E and the cell-communicating ingredient adenosine – which is supposed to “lift” the face… I don’t really know about that but might work! I use it more because it is so light with great coverage, also because it has SPF 20, perfect!

Next is the Giorgio Armani’s Luminessence Bright Revelator Universal Greige BB Fluid which is a BB cream with a lot of purposes. It is supposed to brighten up the skin, hydrate, plump, smooth, give glow, has a high UV protection (SPF 50!) and covers the pores, it probably does more but these are the ones I know about and notice. It only comes in one colour which is their universal colour “Greige”, it is a bit greyish but if you use it as a primer (under your foundation) it shouldn’t be a problem. It is also very fluid so it is easy to apply and you don’t need so much, which is great! I use this as a primer for a perfect base and to cover the pores, and sometimes as a highlighter on top of my cheekbones and other bones that I want to feature :)


Now comes the concealers/highlighters! Concealer for me is more important than the foundations, sometimes when I don’t feel like wearing makeup I just use a concealer to cover under my eyes, around the nose and between my eyebrows for a fresher look! But most of the time I use both ;) Here are three different ones. I start from the top:

Estée Lauder Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter – This is a highlighter, also used as a concealer. It corrects the skin tone, brightens the shadows, dark circles and decreases the blemishes. What I like about this is that it doesn’t dry up and show the little lines so much as some other concealers do. That’s why it is so great that this is more of a highlighter.

Same goes to the other golden tube in the middle, this one is the Touche Eclat from Yves Saint Laurent, it is kind of the same as the one from Estee Lauder but it is a bit thicker. I think it covers a little more but it also dries more. Still good though!

Last one is actually not a concealer but a corrector, but you can use it as a concealer as well, there are no rules! This one is from Giorgio Armani as well, called Giorgio Armani Master Corrector which you use if you have really dark circles under your eyes or very very red blemishes for example, depending on what you need there are 4 different colours for it. I have the one for dark circles which is the red/orange one. I know, it is very red but it really covers. Have you seen the video of the girl putting red lipstick under her eyes? Well, this is kind of the same thing, just not as red, haha! Since this is not a concealer you put this under your foundation or under your concealer for maximum coverage. You can also use it alone if you feel like it covers enough…depends how dark the circles are :) This one is amazing!

So that was all I have to say about my favourite base products today, I hope you enjoyed! Now remember I am not a make-up pro, I just tell you what I think and know :) If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask ;) Next time it will be about lip products!

Have a wonderful day! xx

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Salome Lotter July 20, 2017 at 10:12 pm

Hi. Would love to know what nude colour lipstick you wear? Always stunning.

Mal February 7, 2016 at 12:39 pm

Hi Jac,
Thanks for the great post- these Armani range does seem amazing indeed! My only worry is, does it photograph well having such high SPF? I often find SPF 15 being problematic, making the photos shout: ‘loooook, this is my make up!!!’, not looking natural at all and the products you’ve presented have significantly higher protection. Can you advise on this? Were you wearing that base in all the pics posted? Thanks for the reply, keep up your great work :)

Lovey February 4, 2016 at 11:09 pm

Totally gorgeous!


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