July 11, 2018

Evening loves! <3 One day in Tokyo I wore this beautiful purple ruffle dress from one of my favourite brands – Zadig et Voltaire! I thought the colours would fit perfectly in the city and saw myself running around in this dress exploring and having fun…I did run around in it but was it fun? No! It was over 33 degrees and super humid and I was almost dying. These photos are taken in the afternoon when the sun was going down and we were in the shade so it was bearable, haha. I love love love this dress though and looking forward to wear it in lower temperatures this summer, love the colour and the shape, it’s so flowy <3 The shoes on the other hand were the perfect shoes for heat and humidity, they are from Nomadic State of Mind and super comfortable!

Now we are back in Germany and right now on the country side visiting Klemens’ mum, unfortunately it’s raining and all my plans of tanning in the sun with a book are gone, but it’s really cozy in the house too and we’ve got several time to post all the last posts from Tokyo and plan our next trip for Saturday.

Now we’re heading to the beach for some more coziness!

Lots of love xx Mikuta

Dress – Zadig et Voltaire / Sandals – Nomadic state of mind

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Alina July 12, 2018 at 2:12 am

You look gorgeous! Love this effortless outfit!


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