May 30, 2019

In friendly collaboration with Flisvos Sport Club.Hello loves! Last week we spent some days on Naxos, a beautiful island in Greece. It’s not as discovered as the other popular islands in Greece, it only has several turbo prop planes per day and some ferries, which makes this island very relaxing and not as crowded. We were invited to stay at Flisvos Sport Club for some days which consists of a hotel / watersports club / restaurant and a shop, this year they celebrate 25 years and it’s still going strong! The Flisvos Sport Club is run by a wonderful couple from Germany and Netherlands and the staff is very international and incredibly friendly. We had a really great time those days staying in two different rooms (which ill show you here and in another blogpost), had amazing food such as Greek salad and fresh fish from the grill, did some windsurfing, stand up paddling and Catamaran sailing, and also discovered the island! We took so many pictures during these days so I’ll separate them into different posts, first off is about their new little farmhouse where we stayed the first nights, let’s take a look:Okay, the Flisvos farmhouse might not be so little, there are three bedrooms so you can fit quite a lot of people, one room with a double bed and two rooms with two single beds in each, so perfect for a family or friends who want to stay in their own house with a kitchen, a big terrace and outdoor shower! The farmhouse is a bit separated from the main hotel/restaurant building, so there’s a lot of privacy and a perfect little getaway. Both Klemens and I fell in love with the decoration and interior of this house, it’s so cozy with warm and earthy colours, the kitchen is perfectly prepared for cooking with everything you need and the bathroom is a dream! The best part of the Flisvos farmhouse is the terrace though, with a huge wooden table for long brunches or dinners, two hammocks, a little outside sofa area and different corners to relax here and there.

The farmhouse is just 2 minutes walking to the main building where you find the beach restaurant which is open from morning until night where they serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. The beach restaurant is located directly on the beach with a big and cozy terrace! It is also very close by walking to the Sports club on the beach where you can rent boards for windsurfing, SUP, etc etc, do lessons or just to hang :) Photos and more information about all this will come in the next posts, so stay tuned!

Lots of love xx Mikuta

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Annika June 2, 2019 at 11:52 pm

Lovely blog! And fabulous pictures! I wonder what filters you’re using for the pictures?
I have been to Naxos many times. And just love Flisvos. They are one of the best restaurants in Naxos. And like you managed to show with your pictures, a “I want to have with me home-interior”.
Thank again for the really lovely pictures.

jerserry May 31, 2019 at 6:24 pm

love your blog so much, your writing is amazing style and all the picture are so lovely.
i glad i found your blog x


Jan and Mieke May 30, 2019 at 7:20 pm

Dear Jacqueline and Klemens, today we watched your blog and are amazed by your pictures, the atmosphere you create and the great story you wrote. It’s very special for us to find finally a couple who put, feel and created exactly the feeling we have at our place. Thank you both so much to create this in so little time you spent with us. Hope we can invite you both and see you soon on the island again to relax without working and maybe show you also the secret hidden places this beautiful island has to offer. Apart from the work, we we’re also surprised what a lovely and sweet couple you are and so naturally and easy you communicate with us and the team, as we know you have met and saw a lots of interesting persons and places. Big hug from the both us? Jan and Mieke


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