August 29, 2018

– Anzeige/ad – post contains adlinks –Hello loves! Here are some pictures from our cozy boat trip yesterday evening, the water was so still and the only thing we could hear was the birds, the fishes jumping up and down the water, some sheeps and ourselves. Incredibly calming. Feeling so relaxed the last days on the country side and now here in this house, going to enjoy it til the max before September when things start rolling again with fashion week and work.

It’s much colder up here, obviously, so we’re wearing layers of knits and socks, have a bunch with me and a lot of blankets too. I really missed this and love it, but won’t be long until I miss the sun and heat again, it’s ok for some weeks but then it’s enough! Today we shot some more pictures around the house, went for a long walk and later took the car to go to the supermarket to buy ice and some more food for the next days. Åmål is not far from here so we drove over to see it in real, don’t know if you guys have seen the movie Fucking Åmål (Show me love in English)? It’s such a great Swedish movie from an amazing director that I just love, if you haven’t seen it you have to do it. Anyways, Åmål wasn’t as exciting but couldn’t have expected more since the movie is all about the girls hating the town… It was very beautiful though with nice houses and seems cozy. We saw Vänern, the biggest lake in Sweden and enjoyed the supermarket…yes, really enjoyed it, Swedish suepermarkets are the best, they have everything and in all different flavours and amazing packaging for their products! Please bring Swedish supermarkets to Germany! <3

Well well, all for today! Have a great evening! Lots of love xx Mikuta

Hat – Isabel Marant / Knit – Zara / Dress – Other stories / Boots – Hunter

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Viktoria September 1, 2018 at 7:13 pm

So in love with this post – and your outfit, obviously. I just love it!

Stephanie Walz August 30, 2018 at 6:29 pm

With which provider did you book this house?


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